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Meet the Team

MCM’s team is made up of hardworking, passionate people who are experts in the field.

Our Team

Our experience is diverse, but the constant at MCM is our enthusiasm for the most challenging and complex projects.  It isn’t always clear how to make a project a reality, but we think those are the most worthwhile.  We rely on the depth of our experience to hash out problems and aren’t afraid to be creative or try something new to imagine solutions.  We are constantly thinking outside of the box because our projects don’t often fit neatly into one. We are seriously supportive – of each other, our work, and our outcomes. 


We take our work seriously but like to have fun too.  Our witty repartee over lunch and practical jokes within the office help to keep things light.  We think keeping a good attitude is important to our work, but mostly it’s just who we are.

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Melissa (Missy) Ferchill Swingos
Ro 2023
Rochelle (Ro) Gamiere
Chief Operating Officer
KY 2020
Kyle (Ky) Maurath-Petras
Sr. Program Director
Steve Luca
Vice President of Real Estate Development & Acquisitions
Greg DeNicola
Greg DeNicola
Director of Construction & Planning Services
Bethany Henderson
Bethany Henderson
Architect + Project Manager
Braedon Kava
Project Manager
Leslie Cory
Leslie Cory
Laura VII Fotor 20240214135848
Laura Welsh
Administrative Coordinator

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